iguana-den is the face for my work, my commercial work, my doodles, my rants, my raves,  my whatever.  It is here though, that I get the opportunity to show the world the work I do, and the great clients I have.  I collaborate with great people in the industry daily and when those minds and ideas come together lovely things get done.

I’ve been at this for a long time, and have worked with a great amount of the creative forces from agencies to studios in and around Toronto.  I’ve worked with international clients, and one’s right next door in an ever evolving state of affairs that keep the creative spirit moving forward.  It’s a game of love, sweat, and tears, but you couldn’t have it any other way.



Partial client list // Gillette | Frito-Lay | The Discovery Channel | GM | Budweiser | Toyota | HP | Rogers | Bell | Nikon | Universal Music | Proctor&Gamble | Cadbury’s | Sea World | Rolex